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Guernsey County CDC Holiday Spirit!


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Getting into the holiday spirit here in the offices of the Guernsey County CDC. This live Christmas tree was donated by Schoenbrunn Landscaping and after the festive celebrating has been completed, the tree will find a permanent home along the Great Guernsey Trail.

NatureWorks Grant

Last night’s check presentation was the accumulation of a yearlong collaborative effort between myself and the CDC as well as Heidi Cunningham and the Village of Senecaville. The combined efforts of all involved helped to secure a NatureWorks Grant, through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, for $21,705.00. On the surface it appears to be nothing more than a donation, when in reality the process was much more strenuous than anyone had anticipated. The primary issue was funding. Under a NatureWorks Grant the entity awarded the grant must first spend the money in order to receive grant funding. This is called a reimbursable grant. The problem with this setup is that many small communities lack the necessary funding required to buy the playground equipment. As a result most do not qualify for the grant. My organization however does have the money, but here is the kicker; the CDC can not apply for the grant, as it is not a government entity. Therefore we have the money but can not apply, whereas Senecaville can apply but does not have the money. So I created a work around that solved this conundrum while increasing the collaborative effort between the CDC and Senecaville. The solution was for Senecaville to apply for the grant (wrote by myself and Heidi) and for my organization to donate the money to Senecaville to buy the play-pods. Once the pods have been installed and Senecaville has been reimbursed by ODNR, the village will give the money back to the CDC. Why give the money back? Because going forward this is how the CDC will ensure that EVERY small community will receive upgraded play round equipment. If the CDC simply donated $21,000 to every play ground, we would quickly run out of money. By utilizing this method of operating the CDC will be able to setup a revolving “Play Ground Improvement Fund” and use the same money over and over again to purchase new playground equipment. Together we CAN make a difference.


Ron G

Disabled Veterans Transportation

The Guernsey County Community Development Corporation (CDC), a 501(c)3 is launching a fundraiser to help pay for fuel for our Disabled Veterans Transportation Program.

This program provides FREE transportation for disabled veterans to and from medical appointments anywhere in Ohio, PA and WV. This program is open to veterans residing in Guernsey County, Ohio and is available 6 days a week, 8 am until 10 pm (scheduling permitting).

As of October 2015 the CDC is providing transportation for 52 veterans and scheduling over 80 runs per month.

This services takes a lot of effort to maintain and by supporting the CDC with a small donation you will ensure that this service continues and you will be able to take pride in knowing that you helped a veteran reach the medical care they have earned.

Support Here

Year End Meeting

The Guernsey County CDC held it’s year end meeting on Friday, November 13th. During the presentation Executive Director Ron Gombeda highlighted the years successes as well as talked about future projects for 2016.


At the CDC’s yearend meeting Executive Director Ron Gombeda presented the 2015 Cooperation Award to the Village of Byesville for working with us to secure and implement the Gus Macker Basketball Tournament. Shown here accepting the award on behalf of Byesville is CDC executive board member Jeanette Reasoner.


The Village of Fairview was one of two municipalities to win the 2015 Clean the Block Contest. This award is presented to the top two organizations that dispose of the most litter and tires during our countywide litter cleanup and tire amnesty program. Shown here accepting the award is Fairview mayor Tom Bunfill.

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